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May 20 2011, Ver 4.4
Release includes 1) Cart Overload Message 2) SQT Filter at Protocol Level 3) User Login Support Enhancement 4) DCW/DD Support 5) PhenX Working Group Flyer 6) PhenX Early Adopters
Details for this Release:
  • Cart Overload Message - Cart message (when Cart is too large): go to DCW/DD Support page (feature)
  • SQT Filter at Protocol Level - SQT filter at protocol level (feature)
  • User Login Support Enhancement - User login and password support (feature)
  • DCW/DD Support - DCW/DD Support under Help (resource)
  • PhenX Flyer - Working Group Flyers under Resource (resource)
  • PhenX Early Adopters - PhenX Early Adopters under Resource/News & Views (resource)
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