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Essential Measures are only those items that are critical to the collection of the Measure or are necessary for the interpretation of results. Essential Measures are integral to the Measure. Without such information the data collected would be incomplete and/or misleading.
An additional PhenX Measure that the user may find helpful based on the selection of a particular PhenX Measure. Related PhenX Measures can include additional Measures that are needed to calculate a Derived Variable (e.g., Weight and Height are needed to calculate BMI), Measures that are commonly used in presentations and publications to present the value of the chosen Measures (e.g., Height and Weight by Race and Ethnicity), Measures that are conceptually related to the chosen Measure (e.g., Current Educational Attainment is conceptually related to Annual Family Income and Arm Span is conceptually related to Height), Measures that are physiologically and/or biologically related to the chosen Measure (e.g., Stroke and Heart Disease). Related PhenX Measures are suggestions only.
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Measure: Eye Patching   #110600

Definition: Questions to assess history of eye patching, which is used to treat amblyopia ("lazy eye").

Purpose: A variety of eye diseases in children may have life-long implications associated with visual function and ocular health. Strabismus can cause blindness due to amblyopia if not detected in early childhood. Determining those who have a personal history of the disease identifies higher risk individuals.


Essential Measures

Current Age

Treatment Procedures
Vision Problems

Keywords: Ocular, Eye patching, Amblyopia, Baltimore Pediatric Eye Disease Study, BPEDS, Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study, MEPEDS, Strabismus, Infant, Children

Measure Release Date: February 26, 2010

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