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Essential Measures are only those items that are critical to the collection of the Measure or are necessary for the interpretation of results. Essential Measures are integral to the Measure. Without such information the data collected would be incomplete and/or misleading.
You must review Special Requirements for all Measures marked by icons.

The Data Collection Worksheet (DCW) is a tool to aid investigators to integrate PhenX measures in their studies. The DCW includes worksheets extracted from the study protocol for data recording. The PhenX measures you selected in your Toolkit are presented in alphabetical order. Variables derived from the collected data are compiled in the Data Dictionary (DD) with variable names and unique variable identifiers.

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Interviewer-administered questionnaire    
Self-administered questionnaire    
Clinical Examination    
Physical Measurement    
Medical records abstraction    
Secondary Data Analysis    
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var sizeDCWArry = new Array(); var sizeDDArry = new Array(); var MAX_SIZE_BYTES = 16000000;

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