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PhenX Measure Citation

If you incorporated PhenX measures into a study, it is important that you cite the version of the Toolkit that you used when you selected those PhenX measures. Since Toolkit measures may be updated, removed or replaced over a period of time, citing the version that you used for your study will help identify other studies that used the same PhenX measures.

PhenX provides several features to help with this:

  1. Data Collection Worksheets (DCWs) and Data Dictionaries (DDs) include the request date and the version of the Toolkit that was in place when the request was made. Study specific DCWs and DDs should be recognized as historical, general references in support of PhenX measures.
  2. If you did not save or create a DD or DCW, you can identify the version of the Toolkit that you used by reviewing the release notes. Thus, if you know when the PhenX measures were selected, then the release notes will tell you what Toolkit release was in place at that time.

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