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  • DCW_WORD file - PhenX Data Collection Worksheet (DCW). The DCW specifies each variable collected by the protocol.

  • DD_RTF file - PhenX Data Dictionary (DD). This format is fully compatible with most word processors, and it captures skip patterns.

  • DD_CSV file - PhenX Data Dictionary (DD), also called "PhenX Variable". This format is compatible with the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) data submission packet.

  • Variable cross reference (.xlsx) file

  • Measure Protocol cross reference (.xlsx) file

  • PhenX Protocols (.xlsx) file

  • Please log in to download PhenX Database Export.
  • The PhenX Toolkit database and supporting documentation is released free of charge under the Creative Commonsattribution license, the full terms of which can be found at PhenX Toolkit database downloads will be made available to the public following each major PhenX Toolkit release.The following attribution statement is provided for your use: "The Web-based PhenX Toolkit currently receives fundingfrom the National Institutes of Health; official current and archived versions of the PhenX Toolkit are available at"

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