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PhenX Smart Query Tool (SQT) Search Logic

The Smart Query Tool (SQT) is a high-specificity traversal search through PhenX names, aliases, and other related concepts in the ontology. If no results from traversal search, the query is run through high-sensitivity full-text search through additional fields (protocol text, references, etc.). This full-text search can also be manually chosen. Spelling errors are handled with an inexact matching algorithm.

Results are ranked based on a scoring algorithm taking into account multiple factors, including: number of query words in a given result, is the query contained in the measure description, is the query is in the domain name, or additionally for full text searches: counts of query words within the protocol text fields.

Our searches do not employ boolean logic, so the words "and", "or", and "not" don't affect search results, and are actually filtered out: For increased specificity, both the SQT and the full-text search employ a filter for about 150 common english words, including the boolean logic words mentioned above.

The SQT and full-text search algorithms aim to provide both high specificity and high sensitivity. Search results have the best matches at the top (high specificity), and less specific matches below (high sensitivity).

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