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  •   Download Report - download the Reports for the selected protocols. The Report includes all metadata about the measures and protocols.
  •   Download Data Collection Worksheet - download the Data Collection Worksheets (DCW) for the selected protocols. The DCW specifies each variable collected by the protocol.
  •   Download Data Dictionary - download the Data Dictionaries (DD) for the selected protocols. The DD lists the attributes for each variable included in the protocol DCW.
  •   Download REDCap Instrument Zip - download REDCap instrument zip file.
  Download Report  Download Data Collection Worksheet  Download Data Dictionary  Download REDCap Instument ZIP
Essential Measures are only those items that are critical to the collection of the Measure or are necessary for the interpretation of results. Essential Measures are integral to the Measure. Without such information the data collected would be incomplete and/or misleading.
You must review Special Requirements for all Measures marked by icons.
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